Islam: Why is the Holy Qur'an so easy to hijack? Part-V

Muslim Scribes of History and the Timeline of their Existent Written Works

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The author, an ordinary justice activist, formerly an ordinary engineer in Silicon Valley, California (see engineering patents at ), founded Project in the aftermath of 9/11. He was, mercifully, most imperfectly educated in the United States of America despite attending its elite schools on both coasts. This might perhaps explain how he could escape the fate of “likkha-parrha-jahils” (educated morons) mass produced in its technetronic society with all his neurons still intact and still firing on all cylinders. He is inspired by plain ordinary people rising to extraordinary challenges of their time more than by privileged and gifted people achieving extraordinary things. He chose his byline to reflect that motivation: The Plebeian Antidote to Hectoring Hegemons. Bio at Email: Verbatim reproduction license for all his work at

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Part-V Islam: Why is the Holy Qur'an so easy to hijack?