The Road to No Where: The Journey of Voluntary Servitude

Monday, May 19, 2014 | Last updated Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Reflections of an “armchair philosopher” (epithet given to me by my wife)
Introduction to Foster Gamble's Documentary THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?
This past weekend I had the immense pleasure of watching an incredible documentary developed by the heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortunes. I wrote a critical introduction to it titled: Introduction to Foster Gamble's Documentary THRIVE (PDF May 18, 2014) in which I surgically separated the chaff from the wheat to undo the documentary maker gratuitously poisoning his own well with speculative gibberish. The key misdirection in the documentary, despite its many factual aspects, is the conjecture that it is principally the resource (energy) scarcity which prevents mankind from thriving, and that free energy would alter that. Whereas, I demonstrated the simple observable fact that the principal problem plaguing mankind is PRIMACY, not SCARCITY! What follows is the continuation of my thoughts on the impracticality of hoi polloi (the unwashed masses, the common people) in their present controlled state making any transformation to their society which is inimical to the interests of its ruling power.
When any public, white and blue collar alike, is beholden to its stomach, and to its careers, and to narrow self-interests of survival such as making a living and raising a family; when the obligatory nod to religion and personal morality suffices to cleanse both the conscience and the pathway to heaven in preparation for the journey ahead; what motivation is there to risk one's neck to challenge the status quo of primacy, deprivation, and servitude beyond the occasional bursts of internet jihad, book publishing, and documentary film making from the comfort and safety of the First Amendment? This political concession of permitting free speech to hoi polloi is virtually risk free to the establishment because higher order considerations dominate any public actualization for change which have been most effectively neutralized. There are also tangible advantages in permitting free speech. It enables maintaining the facade of the public's empowerment in Western democracies, the free societies model if you will, thus demonstrating the superiority of Western civilization to the rest of the world. This helps export and market its grand ideology of Democracy and Neoliberalism. Thomas L. Friedman had captured this reality of power with unmatched hubris in his column in the New York Times:
'The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist -- McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the builder of the F-15. And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley's technologies is called the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. ''Good ideas and technologies need a strong power that promotes those ideas by example and protects those ideas by winning on the battlefield,'' says the foreign policy historian Robert Kagan. ''If a lesser power were promoting our ideas and technologies, they would not have the global currency that they have. And when a strong power, the Soviet Union, promoted its bad ideas, they had a lot of currency for more than half a century.'' ', --- Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times March 28, 1999
The fact that the public cannot really make any substantial difference either to its own state of deprivation and servitude, or to the ruling state's diabolical cunning for primacy and supremacy, with its much celebrated democratic elections that periodically change the front-faces holding political office with great fanfare, is the key to maintaining this mirage of empowerment. I had explained this just before the 2008 elections in the United States, in an advocacy report titled: Not-Voting is a 'YES' vote to Reject a Corrupt System which thrives on the facade of Elections and Democracy! (PDF). That report and its advocacy perennially captures both the reality of, and the effective antidote for, the dysfunction of the sole superpower du jour which is wrecking havoc upon the world.
But as reality unfolds today, even that facade of public empowerment is onerous to ruling power behind the scenes which has positioned itself to exercise its primacy, deprivation and servitude with absoluteness, without incurring the expense of maintaining the constitutional bill of the public's rights and other pretenses. That move to open tyranny in the guise of fighting crises from what was previously most carefully camouflaged from the public mind, has remarkably made little difference to hoi polloi. The evidence of the past thirteen years, since the date of September 11, 2001, underwrites the veracity and accuracy of this observation. The invasion and occupation of Iraq for instance is simply dismissed as “oops” of “intelligence failure”. The entire world's public just soldiers on with that “oops” without too much perturbation. Or the fact that the United States and Britain have so easily and rapidly transformed into police-states, as if it was all thought out before, and their forcing all nations of the world to adopt the same direction in the name of fighting a global disease whose medicine is also required to be global, is hardly met with any skepticism. Few Western savants who make a good living writing lofty books, making revealing documentaries, and preaching powerful theories from tall pulpits to full auditoriums, have actually understood the underlying levers of power and the techniques of persuasion behind that empirical outcome. Or they are just part of the primacy game themselves merely playing WWF wrestling to occupy hoi polloi.
As critically examined in my Introduction to the documentary Thrive, which should perhaps be read before watching the documentary so that you are not turned off by Foster Gamble gratuitously poisoning his own well, it is noteworthy that there appears to be no pragmatic and achievable solution-space for the crisis of primacy, deprivation, and servitude foisted upon mankind in every nation and geography on earth. Be it proposed from secular traditions of humanism, as is the case critically analyzed in the above Introduction to the must-watch documentary which harps on the obvious need for change in order to Thrive, but shows no practical paths to achieve it. Or be it proposed from any of the profound religious traditions of antiquity to modernity which also mainly speak in the same sort of moral platitudes as the Ten Commandments, but to date have not seen implementation apart from what is forced upon the public by legal sanction of the state. Even in that sanction, yes all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets (Voltaire). In fact, the ancient Egyptians' Good Book (referring to the collection of ancient Egyptian writings: inscriptions found on tomb walls, on the underside of tombstones, and on parchments found buried with the mummies) predating the Abrahamic religions by at least a millennia, lists not just the Ten moral Commandments that we have all heard so much about, but a total 42 moral Commandments, even anticipating and incorporating the Ten Commandments, for what was deemed by the Gods of Egypt as the proper code of conduct for man on earth for a well lived life. Perhaps the ancient Egyptians too failed to live up to their moral code for they were wiped off the face of the earth by their Gods. Fast forward to the Holy Qur'an, the last Good Book on the block to formalize and codify moral teachings of a world religion. As was previously examined in the report on Surah al-Asr (PDF), it too offers Islam's comprehensive prescription for the well lived life which to date is equally not seen in implementation. As that report demonstrates, most of mankind according to the Holy Qur'an is running at a loss. The LED is stuck on red. And time is running out.
Despite several millennia of moral codes accumulated by man, the underlying problem which makes all great platitudes practically irrelevant when the rubber meets the road (meaning: when the needs of the spirit meet the needs of the stomach; when the call of liberation of the mind, body and spirit meet the demands of servitude to authority; and when the necessity of striving for the greater common good of society meets the existential needs of striving for narrow personal self-interests), is that we remain grossly under-developed as a moral and spiritual species at this moment of our existence. We continue to cogitate like the sheep before the wolf. The discourses among the sheep surely never include an activist call for rebellion against the predator's habit of mutton eating!
We have not yet acquired the survival skills required to overcome the indomitable instinct for primacy which apparently comes built-into man. This instinct is evidently also far more predatory when fully cultivated than the natural instinct in the wolf for devouring a satiating meal, because, as we all can observe, after eating to its fill, the wolf does go away until the next time it is hungry. Man's primacy instinct is of a fundamentally different nature and I can recall no analogy from nature, or from the Darwinian map of biological evolution even in its most accurate and holistic conception (as for instance captured by the well known playwright George Bernard Shaw in Back to Methuselah: A Metabiological Pentateuch), which would map it all. And that is of course understandable only from a non-biological non-evolutionary point of view. Man is not just a bunch of materialist atoms and bio-chemical reactions arranged in some social pecking order like the wolves and the chimpanzees, despite what Secular Humanism and the axioms of scientific materialism would like to preach us.
Man's sentient nature is fundamentally predicated on both cognition and spiritualism. Which is why no prophets bearing moral clichés' have come to wolves and sheep and cows and lions as far as we can tell, nor to elephants, dolphins, orangutans and chimpanzees who appear to display varying levels of higher order intelligence and/or emotional IQ similar to man. But the history of civilizations is replete with stories of great prophets of antiquity bringing man the moral religions of the Gods (and in case of the Abrahamic traditions, One God), all principally teaching the same core spiritual prescription of the well lived life but in different ways in accordance with the needs of the respective societies in their own times. That, without acquiring the essential spiritual skills and the higher consciousness to fully wield them in actual practice, they will be laboring at a loss. What this has entailed specifically has varied with the tribe, nation, and time.
Egyptian code indicated that just being personally moral wasn't sufficient. One also had to treat life as a gift and live it to the fullest. Hindu code, the oldest of the ancient living religions, prescribes that in order to reincarnate in higher form (reward), instead of lower form (punishment), man has to endeavor for a well lived life in the karma given to him in this life. Islam's code in the Holy Qur'an has set the highest bar which tops all others coming before it. The Good Book of the Muslims has mandated striving in the pursuit of justice (captured by the semantically rich all encompassing word “haq” in verse 103:3, Ibid.), as one of the core axioms of the well lived life. The Holy Qur'an even surpassed Solon, the mythical Athenian law giver to the advanced Hellenic civilization of sixth century BC, who, it is reported by ancient historian Plutarch, not just advocated social justice, but even made it a legal duty of citizens to come to the aid of others. When asked which city he thought is well-governed, Solon, the iconic figure of not just the present Western civilization and quoted by its elite scholars and well-read statesmen alike (as for instance by JFK in his seminal address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City, April 27, 1961, op. cit.), but also of the ancient Hellenic civilization and claimed by Plato to be his own noble ancestor, had famously replied 2600 years ago: “That city where those who have not been injured take up the cause of one who has, and prosecute the case as earnestly as if the wrong had been done to themselves.”
Myth and reality combined, whatever may be the first source of these lofty moral standards which today span the full gamut of accumulated wisdom of man, from ancient law givers to modern prophets, from the ancient code of Hammurabi in 1750 BC to the most recent Human Rights Conventions of the United Nation in the 21st century AD, with virtually every habitat on earth having at least one copy of some scripture and bearer of some oral traditions which speak to the same nobility of some well lived life, and yet there is no global impact.
The reason should be self-evident. We, mankind, have unfortunately not yet been able to get past the first grade level of elementary school in the absorption of these spiritual teachings even when we can rehearse them all day long. That means that just like children in first grade who eagerly memorize a poem without understanding its symbolic meaning and are eager to display their great talent on show-and-tell day, we have turned the moral codes of religion into the pathways of reaching heaven for the dead, eagerly anticipating a pat on the back on judgment day; instead of understanding that these moral prescriptions are for sculpting heaven right here on earth for the living, amidst predators.
I think the perpetual promise of the Holy Qur'an to replace man with a better man, and all people with a better people, after giving each society and civilization its opportunity to sculpt its own future, is the manifest and irreversible direction of mankind today. Islam is, after all, the basis of my belief system just as Christianity is for Christians, Judaism is for Jews, Hinduism is for Hindus, Atheism is for atheists, and Egyptianism was for the ancient Egyptians. So I take it very seriously when my God, speaking through its scripture the Holy Qur'an, threatens me and all the rest of mankind with replacement for failing to live up to its moral prescription with a better people who shall also be tried and perhaps will not fail. The example of ancient civilizations long lost to time, dead dynasties and dead empires, are all before me. Yesteryear glorified Pax Britannia, yesterday glorified Pax Americana, I don't know what it is today that we are glorifying as we appear to be going through a transition phase between two ages. But tomorrow, surely a better people will arise from the ashes of world government.
Get ready to be replaced.
Unfortunately, I am not quite ready for that --- are you?
While death must come to us all, death is not what I am speaking of. Even though, as Plato had observed the truism: Only death has seen the end of servitude (has seen the end of war). I speak of putting an end to servitude while still living for the living! It obviously automatically ends for the dead without any help from us, and no one has yet come back to verify to us what happens next. But we can all empirically see what is happening right here while we are living.
I think it is highly unfair that I am slated to be replaced with a better people while I am still in Kindergarten. I have not even entered first grade yet, let alone had the opportunity to fully absorb the call to higher consciousness where spiritualism can begin to take seed. The needs of the stomach continue to dominate all my needs just as it does for a child. And when I enter my temple to give my obligatory socialized nod of obeisance to my God, the need for observing the classroom rituals dominates my entire practice of higher consciousness.
Given my so early stage of primitive spiritual development, why should I pay the price of replacement for still being in Kindergarten?
At this level, as for a child, when my limited physical needs are not being met, how can I be held to lofty standards that are established for evaluating me when I reach tenth grade or college and finally develop the skills required to sculpt my own future as a social being? In both moral and legal codes of every developed civilization, past and present, that is called reaching the age of culpability where one is held sovereign over oneself. Meaning, responsible for oneself if one is deemed sound of mind and body. While being sound of spirit has never been part of that equation on earth, surely that must be a prerequisite for any accounting in the celestial place.
No judge holds a non-sovereign accountable for his immaturity or emasculation, nor threatens with replacement. So how can the Just God of mighty religions who prescribed the lofty moral curriculums to mankind hold spiritually stunted children accountable? We have simply not reached that developmental stage where these spiritual curriculums can become effective beyond the ritualistic shells they each come carefully encased under, to be handed down to the generations of the future virtually intact in its core. The Ten Commandments are still exactly the same today as 3000 years ago. Perhaps the future generations will make better use of it.
Something must be wrong in the entire conceptionalization of this matter which is making the problem so intractable as far as my generation is concerned. We are the immature child generation in that greater scheme of things who can do no better than accept primacy and predators, and under its blaring trumpets murder, pillage and plunder, or look the other way if it isn't happening to us. The threat of replacement for failing to live up to the moral curriculum makes no sense when applied to me in my Kindergarten stage of spiritual development.
So, as a clever engineer (I studied at MIT where the heart of its core curriculum is to teach problem solving techniques such as reducing an intractable problem to the one already solved), I have recast the problem to the one already solved by the many brilliant sages throughout the ages. In fact, it has been solved continually in exactly the same way from the very early dawn of human consciousness when its brilliant savants first realized that they had very little control over life's mysteries and created the construct of “destiny”. That has, for instance, solemnized the caste system among Hindus, the oldest continually existing and still intact civilization today. It has also helped explain the many “whys” of inequities of creation and natural calamities. And it is being solved the same way everyday for bucking-up the spirit of lagging children in elementary school who aren't able to compete effectively against better prepared sports teams.
That brilliant panacea of all times which works every time: It is not win or lose that matters, but how you play the game!
I suppose I can stop worrying now about God's replacement policy. Problem solving with an MIT education really comes in handy. I no longer need to strive to win at anything that I naturally cannot for my instance of the well lived life. Let the better prepared, the more hungry, and the more naturally able, dominate and sculpt the world in their own image. The era of Social Darwinianism naturally beckons, and in fact times perfectly with the drive for world government and its harbingers' oft repeated concern for over population of the planet. A careful read of NSSM 200 written by Henry Kissinger in 1974 while United States Secretary of State, [makes] that concern of the Western establishment as a direct threat to their security, starkly apparent. Perhaps, as its side effect of winnowing out useless eaters, it will also accelerate man's evolution to a more spiritually developed species wherein, hoi polloi are abler in the mind, body and spirit, and better equipped with the spiritual skills of higher consciousness to more effectively deal with universal predatory instincts and its exercise of primacy, deprivation and servitude.

Postscript Higher States of Consciousness
Definition Higher Consciousness
The ability to perceive reality forensically, with the inner eye, and to act upon that perception with full vigor. Acts driven by spiritual realizations of higher consciousness are not decoupled from their perception. Just as the act of seeking food is not decoupled from experiencing pangs of hunger at the most primitive level of consciousness. Higher consciousness must culminate in commensurate acts driven by spiritual hunger in order to satiate it just as the stomach's hunger culminates in seeking food to satiate it. When one is unconscious, one does not seek even physical sustenance and dies if not intravenously fed by others. Similarly, one can be spiritually and mentally unconscious while fully conscious at the physical level, seeking only to fulfill the physical needs of the body. When one acquires greater levels of consciousness to the next cognitive level, one seeks intellectual sustenance to meet the needs of the hungry mind. The next hierarchy of that path to increasing consciousness is in seeking spiritual sustenance to feed the hungry soul. The desire to satiate its cravings principally leads to striving for a well lived life as outlined in the many moral recipes from antiquity to modernity.
That well lived life, a concatenation of acts by definition, and arguably orthogonal to personal beliefs, is always predicated on the existence of higher levels of consciousness. Without the latter, there is no spiritual hunger, no striving to satiate it, no acts, and consequently no transformations at any level, personal to macro social. The omission of that transformation, by its very nature of absence, seeds evil in society because man's natural instincts for unbridled primacy subsequently flourish. These two have been balanced like yin and yang of Chinese philosophy to counter each other: instinct for primacy vs. higher levels of consciousness. The former comes built-in at birth just like all the other tangible and intangible properties of each individual's physical and natural makeup. The latter has to be nurtured, cultivated, nourished, and developed just like the mind.
The modern scientific world tends to accept the development of the mind, both halves of the brain, as both natural and necessary to reach full human potential. But it calculatingly ignores the development of what in fact makes us the most human. There is a very good practical reason for that omission as will become apparent below.
In Islam
Reaching higher levels of consciousness is a long and arduous journey which commences by following the spiritual recipe outlined in Surah al-Asr (PDF) for living a life that is not judged to be of a total loss in the celestial place. Journeying on that path, one progressively moves farther and farther into realizing greater and greater states of consciousness. It is a journey which feeds upon itself like the practice of any skill craft. Spiritual craft is no different in that and many other respects. It must be developed and perfected. Its pinnacle is captured in the following verses of the Holy Qur'an in Surah Al-Fajr: “O soul that art at rest! Return to your Lord, well-pleased (with him), well-pleasing (Him)” (89:27, 89:28). And the enticement or prize offered for reaching this zenith: “So enter among My servants, And enter into My garden.” (89:29, 89:30). Since not all among mankind are endowed with identical capacities but fall on a bell curve, some journey for the lure of the prize alone, while others find little meaning in the prize when the journey itself is the reward. We focus on the journey and why it's both necessary, as well as the first-cause predicate, for the macro social evolution of mankind to free itself from the bondage of fellow man; for the desire to strive to reach the pinnacle of life's existence despite the daily needs of the stomach. Even the successful struggle for survival of the freedom of the natural man in the social Darwinian jungle depends on it.
The Path For All Mankind
Notice the culmination of the human state of existence whence it has reached its zenith: “O soul that art at rest!” The Holy Qur'an does not say: O conscience that art at rest! For we know all too well how easily conscience can be put at rest. It also does not say: O intelligence that art at rest! For we also well understand how reliance on superior intelligence to craft the mission statement of life, and the morality that governs it, can easily lead to the enslavement of the masses. All theistic world religions which propound the existence of the soul offer some prescription to elevate its state to its highest level of existence for the masses. For Islam, one cannot claim that the aforementioned state of the highest level of consciousness whereby the soul, no longer in a state of turmoil, expressed metaphorically in these verses, isn't an all encompassing and most general specification for the real purpose of life's journey!
Provided of course, one believes that man's life has some inherent purpose, and which the secular humanists who posit the wholly material conception of man, do not accept. Nor do they accept the notion of Revelation. Nor any purpose to life other than what each man or his community and nation themselves assign it, as its occurrence is deemed “accidental”, and for which Nietzsche proposed the “will to power” of the superior intellect to accelerate the social evolution of man beyond the semantic straight-jacket of “good and evil” that theism is enchained in. The empirical role of the superior intellect – and not merely the abstract thought expounded by secular humanists to sell it to the world – in crafting mankind's value system, and thus its direction of evolution, is examined in the essay: Morality derived from the Intellect leads to Enslavement! (PDF).
Islam's conception of higher states of consciousness commences with the recipe outlined in Surah al-Asr, and culminates in the soul that art at rest, for every spiritual being who defines itself as more than just the materialist collection of physical atoms and bio-chemical reactions. Anyone, of any persuasion and belief system, except the Richard Dawkins variety of course, can strive in that path of the well-lived life which is Islam's prescription for the journey to increasing levels of consciousness, without giving up their own natural socialization into their respective tribes, nations and religions.
This often neglected aspect of a profoundly spiritual world religion which claims to be moral guidance for a well lived life, is examined in the article: Islam and Knowledge vs. Socialization (PDF). It is evidently easy to miss this higher state of spiritual consciousness in which material striving is now first-cause driven by spiritual realizations rather than by the Darwinian instinct for survival, when the propaganda machinery worldwide is so brazenly distorting the religion of Islam. The tortuous beliefs and practices of the Muslim world, so ensconced in the straight-jacket of socialization and culture, betraying their own bankruptcy in higher states of consciousness, does not help absorb and expatiate the religion of Islam either.
Subversion of Spirituality
This subversion of preventing the public from seeking higher states of consciousness to increase their spirituality coefficient has evidently been necessary in all organized religions which have been adopted as state religions of empires. The Roman Catholic Church profoundly distorted Christianity to serve Emperor Constantine and the Roman Empire. Its legacy is found in the many vestigial of what speciously passes as the moral code of conduct taught by Jesus Christ throughout the world. The Muslim Caliphates distorted Islam to dominate the world with dynastic empires of their own that came to rival and surpass the Roman empire for over seven hundred years. The white man's burden replaced that for the next seven hundred years. Today, the creed of Secular Humanism is distorting all religions to construct world government, a new global empire of the oligarchy that goes by the name of New World Order.
It may be observed by the discerning mind that this suppression of higher levels of consciousness has been most cunningly performed by resemanticizing the meaning and practice of the word “spirituality” from its original intent, of raising the levels of consciousness of the public mind whereby the mind itself can perceive and experience all reality, both physical and metaphysical, the way it actually is. Once that capacity is developed, everything else naturally follows; like being free and able to add two plus two correctly, and to proclaim the result publicly without fear, from which all freedoms naturally follow. Both are important axioms for non predatory macro social human development, and both are the first to be subverted by the Übermensch. The new meaning imparted by virtually every organized religion to spiritualism is in fact pretty standard. It is to limit spirituality to rituals of personal worship (even if practiced collectively in congregations), to personal loving of personal God, to personal piety, to personal morality, to personal charity, etc., whereby it is speciously argued that by individuals focussing on their own personal morality and personal worship, all good to society will eventual follow.
The implications of this “mere” shifting of emphasis from the primary first-cause purpose of moral codes, the development of higher states of consciousness among the masses from which all else would naturally follow, to the development of some of its narrower side effects such as personal morality, are nothing but monumental. The principal motivation for the practice of religion and spirituality has been most diabolically pushed off to merely seeking selfish rewards in some afterlife for one's personal morality. This has an immediate and direct impact on society.
Primacy of the sociopaths and empires now comes to flourish at the macro social levels because the public mind is primed not to interdict it. It is no longer part of the moral code for the well lived life. That omission over time becomes naturally ingrained as the meaning of religion and fosters servitude and obedience to rulers generation after generation. What a brilliant coup d'état of cunning misdirection by the forces of evil. If you can get to heaven on the prayer mat while giving alms to the indigent as the peak of your spirituality, what's the point of standing up to evil and their enslaving systems of power and getting needlessly butchered in the process! The fast-path to heaven is infinitely better. Looks familiar?
Solution Space
It should be self-evident by now that only by embarking on that spiritual journey is man able to take care of the principal issues raised in the main article examining the limitations of the documentary Thrive, of overcoming the predatory instincts that create primacy, deprivation, and servitude to fellow man. An examination of the scriptures of all religions reveal that this solution space is uniformly associated with the “inner struggle” for enlightenment which is deemed necessary in order to even begin to conquer evil unleashed in society in its absence. The Holy Qur'an has termed that striving “jihad-un-nafs” and predicated its existence in the spiritual man before man can start building heaven right here on earth. Some ancient spiritual societies like those practicing Shamanism in the Amazonian jungles tickle this spiritual hunger leading to their higher states of consciousness and spiritual healing, with aphrodisiacs. Mystics and monks throughout the ages have tickled this spiritual hunger to develop their higher levels of consciousness with meditation, self-denial and, like the character in Rudyard Kipling's Kim, by making long journeys in search of the river of the arrow.
Howsoever the spiritual hunger is first tickled, some take short-cuts and others take long-paths, the striving for its satiation that is devoid of acts for the well lived life, remains barren and still-born! It is unable to transform society at the macro social levels. The instincts for primacy consequently remain unbridled and unleashed among the best minds of the sociopaths, and their predatory practices become more and more sophisticated over time. The macro social civilizational challenge for mankind is to lay the foundation of the spiritual man among hoi polloi, to raise their states of consciousness, so that they can at least defend themselves from Social Darwinianism.
That exercise requires the nurturing of the trifecta of human existence, mind body and spirit, as a whole, from cradle to grave. It follows that education systems which today focus mainly on the development of the mind-body nexus to principally fashion economic widgets “content to labor hard all day long” as per Bernard de Mandeville's fable of the bees (PDF), must reframe their emphasis to incorporate the third element of the trifecta as an integral component of education at all levels (see My Dream University, PDF).
That outcome of course can never be permitted because education systems are controlled by the same social Darwinians who prefer to control and direct human behavior such that hoi polloi come to love their own servitude; as was also poignantly captured by essayist Aldous Huxley. Even the former National Security Advisor of the United States of America, hinted at that general direction of mass behavior control in his seminal 1970 book Between Two Ages (PDF): “Speaking of a future at most only decades away, an experimenter in intelligence control asserted, 'I foresee the time when we shall have the means and therefore, inevitably, the temptation to manipulate the behaviour and intellectual functioning of all the people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain.'”
A great deal has been learnt empirically of the forces that govern human behavior, and of the forces that manipulate the mind which manipulate human behavior, in the last century alone, and especially in the military-academic research labs of the West. It has formed the core basis of the many so called “truth-extraction” and behavior modification programs of the military (see The Manipulation of Human Behavior by Biderman and Zimmer, 1961, which has an extensive bibliography of the empirical state of behavioral research and its understanding over fifty plus years ago, and which betrays how easily the mind is made given the right environmental and/or bio-chemical stimulus).
The understanding of the frailty and manipulability of the human mind gleaned from such coercive experiments of behavior modification, also understandably finds its way into the broad spectrum techniques of social engineering that now span the whole gamut of mass behavior control: from fashioning individual Manchurian candidates for the military in the name of national security to United we Stand the masses in the name of patriotism; and from fashioning happy-happy corporate fodder as human resources slaving away their lifetime to make their employers richer, to fashioning happy-happy consumers encouraged to enjoy the heady-living of the 'American Dream' under perpetual debt slavery.
All of this modern social engineering which underwrites not just the Western civilization, but also virtually all Eastern civilizations as well, is easily nullified by the dumbed-down hoi polloi and their useful idiot stewards developing even a modicum of higher states of consciousness. That exercise, and only that exercise, is the antithetical solution-space to the perpetual problem of social predation in both power relationships (“I was only following orders” ala Adolf Eichmann) and in making the public mind by perception management (“I thought I was being attacked” ala The Mighty Wurlitzer, PDF). Which is why the most sophisticated psychological efforts are made in every Darwinian society to dumb down the populace and keep them perpetually trapped between bread and circuses, or god and king, to make it easier to control them.
That is the base reality of not just Western Democracy, but in fact, all political systems that have been seen to date in which a not so hidden elite class rules from behind the scenes while maintaining the illusion of the public's self-empowerment. Its most egregious spectacle in its most superlative facade is of course what's reenacted every four years in the sole superpower to sell its Democracy to the world. Who, witnessing its elaborate electioneering charade outside the shores of America, does not think: “what an idiotic brain-washed public”? (see Not-Voting is a 'YES' vote to Reject a Corrupt System which thrives on the facade of Elections and Democracy!, PDF).
Report Card
We see the accuracy of these observations empirically. From Plato's depiction of mind control in his seminal Myth of the Cave 2500 years ago; to Machiavelli's The Prince which virtually underwrites the practice of modern day statecraft and is the cardinal basis of its state secrecy laws with which the public should be kept uninformed; to Hegel's technique of synthesis from deliberate destruction through the clash of opposites, called the Hegelian Dialectic, which is being used today for Machiavellianly maneuvering the world into a particular direction; to Freud's discovery of the irrational mind which is today used most cunningly for behavior control by exploiting man's natural fears and baser instincts that are buried deep within his sub conscious: from marketing political theories to egregious lifestyles and soap bars; is one continuous axis of management of hoi polloi for the narrow self-interests of the few.
These more abstruse techniques of making the mind, i.e., those surpassing straightforward indoctrination, namely socialization and education, and cognitive control through news media, bypass the cognitive mind and direct themselves to what has come to be known in mainstream science as the sub-conscious mind – the mind that is often awake when the cognitive mind is asleep. While its discovery and witting emotional manipulation is now more than a century old, how it manifests itself in the physical brain is yet to be uncovered by science. Arguably, the sole antidote for its manipulation is the spiritual mind, which too, and also like the soul and how it manifests itself in the human body, is yet to be discovered by science. But which has been profoundly addressed by sublime religions for thousands of years in almost every advanced culture and civilization. Science is yet to catch-up on the full construct of the mind, never mind the soul. It is a limitation of modern day scientists, a by product of their own one-track materialist education, that they tend to deny what they cannot measure, comprehend, falsify, or offer pat formulations and axiomatic theories for. Often bordering on ignorance, their arrogance can be childlike, but far more devastating for a perceptive understanding of complex reality the way it actually is! See for instance Rupert Sheldrake's Dispelling the The Ten Dogmas of Materialism and Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry (youtube), and this author's Letter to Richard Dawkins - Error in the First Chapter of 'The God Delusion'?.
The development of higher levels of consciousness has remained the principal spiritual teaching of all moral codes recorded in the history of man, once their symbolism is pierced and the veil is lifted from their rituals to better understand their core. However, if the modern techniques of mind manipulation and behavior control passes from 'mere' perception management to the stage of bio-chemical tampering, DNA manipulation, and the wholesale construction of a scientifically arranged utilitarian caste hierarchy, the most dystopic version of which is expressed in Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, the capacity to experience higher states of consciousness beyond what each man is tailored for by his creators, will be outright eliminated.
Scary? Not if one is immersed in the 'American Dream', or trapped between bread and circuses, where that capacity of higher consciousness is already co-opted (but not eliminated) in the majority of the species. Those immersed in religion and caught between god and church, from time immemorial, have been indoctrinated to wait patiently for some Deiticial Intervention to deliver them from man's bondage, or existential crises. That belief remains strong even today among more than two thirds of the world's population. Man's natural capacity for spiritual hunger which is only groomed and nurtured in higher states of consciousness, has been easily misdirected to await the Savior.
By examining the cultural and religious history of civilizations, it becomes apparent that religious rituals have been essential in preserving moral teachings and passing them down from generation to generation. Presumably, one may safely surmise, until such time when these would finally be understood and acted upon to engender mankind's attention on developing higher states of consciousness; to build heaven right here on earth for everyone, instead of selfishly seeking Heaven for oneself in Afterlife. Or seeking earthly blessings and granting of wishes through these rituals.
Unfortunately, as is true of the followers of all three Abrahamic religions, empty rituals have dominated the practice of moral codes in most societies and civilizations to this very date despite the march of sophistication and wherewithal in an increasingly smaller world. Never mind the advanced Judeo-Christian secular West prospering at the expense of the rest of the untermenschen world, Muslims ritualizing Karbala remembrance to the exclusion of living its categorical imperative to take down tyranny is a living example. Hindus celebrating the wisdom, bravery, or morality of iconic Hindu deities in elaborate rituals is another contemporary example of a five thousand years old civilization persistently passing down moral teachings packaged in rituals to the deaf, dumb and blind.
These teachings to stand up to evil, often faithfully preserved in cultural rituals and heritage memory, so dramatically fail to achieve their obvious purpose of transformation of society principally because lifting the veil off of their metaphorical symbolism and extracting the categorical imperatives to live by, is predicated upon developing higher levels of consciousness.
The pangs of hunger of the soul must precede the acts that can satiate it.
The ubermensch rulers cannot permit that to become the mainstream value of the mass population regardless of how developed, advanced, and sophisticated the society becomes. Or else the elites cannot thrive. Thus, as captured in both real life and in erudite fables that depict scientific dystopia, the public mind continues to remain trapped in rituals and dogmas. The society easily ostracizes anyone attempting to rise above it. Those able to manipulate the public mind do so with impunity. They feed it on foods that is craved at its lowest level of consciousness. Voluntary servitude and predatory Social Darwinianism is the natural outcome of ritualized spiritualism.


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