Revolutionary Islam in Pakistan – Pawn of World Order

Thursday, April 2, 2015
This is also Part VIII of Raahe-Nijaat (the way out) series on Pakistan
This is a followup to my 2013 report: The Rise of Revolutionary Islam in Pakistan – A Report on Behavior Control, in which I had examined the motivation for Shia killings in Pakistan. Which is, to provide the raison d'être for the creation of “revolutionary Islam” in Pakistan as an Iranian export under the leadership of “valih-e-faqih”. I had written a letter to the head of a new Shia theological seminary in Lahore, Pakistan who exhorts his large audience with his demagoguery to come under the protection of the “valih-e-faqih”, Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran. Putting this new Hegelian Dialectic in context of yesteryear when the theological founder of Pakistan, “Sir” Allama Iqbal, as the British empire's honored knight, (that is what “Sir” stands for), had similarly crafted the raison d'être for the partition of the Indian subcontinent in the name of religion, creates a frightening scenario for extracting more blood tribute from Pakistanis. The adage: “a man is known by the company he keeps” makes this enormously learned leader of the Shia theological seminary repeatedly paying tribute to Allama Iqbal, appear to be cast from the same mold. After due diligence to his long tireless speeches which are in effect predictably doing what the manufactured Shia killings are intended to do, in just the same way as what “Sir” Allama Iqbal did with the manufactured Hindu-Muslim violence in the Indian subcontinent casting it as the raison d'être for the partition of India, the entire game-theory laced manufactured “revolutionary times” is just too obvious. And frightening. No Pakistani youth should be harvested as the useful idiot of empire to sustain its “arc of crisis” from the madrassahs of Pakistan. They go there to learn their religion, often victims of economic conscription, and enticed by free education as well as prospects of a lifetime of easy employment as local “imams”, but graduate as soldiers of God and fertilizers for cemeteries. “Revolutionary Islam” makes the best fertilizers with the blood of its nation's youth. It is amply evidenced in the Western imposed Iran-Iraq war which armed both sides to aid and abet Muslim on Muslim violence. Sadaam was armed openly. Revolutionary Iran covertly, and the latter became the notorious Iran-Contra scandal in the United States. The absolutist rule of the recalcitrant “valih-e-faqih” believing in “divine destiny” was essential for waging that internecine war for eight long years. With that as the backdrop, the response I received for challenging the narrative of this new up and coming surrogate of the “valih-e-faqih” in Pakistan was: “shut up”, barked by some minion. Due to the urgency of the matter for not just Pakistan, but the world now witnessing another Muslim fratricide in Yemen with the West once again goading Muslims to kill Muslims, I make a second attempt to engage that leadership with this followup --- perhaps they are only unwitting thespians in this staged Act, like the soldiers of God they indoctrinate.
A call to cut the Gordian knot
When courageous Muslims don't rise to challenge and redress their own issues boldly and truthfully, their enemies and hectoring hegemons are left the door wide open to do so; to create the vocabulary, to create the narrative, and to control the public discourse in their own Newspeak. The enemies rope in all the house niggers and mercenaries from among the Muslims themselves to become the chauvinistic pied pipers who lead with the enemy's own narrative. The battle is lost by any people every single time because of this. The standoffishness and silence of the uninformed public to the errors and shenanigans of their own kind permits a superior more agile foe to fill the space with more Muslim on Muslim violence. The only effective point of interdiction to this malady is before the proverbial Gordian knot is firmly tied upon the matter --- for afterward, the ensuing chaos falls on the natural curve of an orchestrated fait accompli by the processes of game theory and dynamics of human behavior.
As of this writing, more than two years later almost a year and half later, no retraction for the “shut up” reply, or an apology, or regret, or distancing from the pathetic reply given by the minion as being gratuitous, or other meaningful response pertinent to the inquiry letter was received. What caliber of pulpit and what level of scholarship, never mind decency of interlocution, that this superlative demagogue with an oratory skill that is hard to match, cannot even respond to a straightforward intellectual challenge, mind you not a political challenge, but an academic inquiry based on his own statements, without barking “shut up” through his followers! Allama Syed Jawad Naqvi, the head of the new Shia theological seminary named Jamea Orwathul Wuthqa in Lahore, Pakistan, evidently does not have the courage to fight his own battles when faced with intellectual challengers. He puts up his useful idiots to do the barking. One can only surmise that he has become too big for his pious turban that he can no longer be bothered with even an intellectual challenge that does not conform to his own theology. This fellow so boldly claims the mantle of Imam Ali who constantly endeared his people to ask him questions?
God help Pakistan if indoctrinated soldiers of God ever escape out of their madrassahs and come to political power. It does not matter from which theological seminary – for one can hardly tell them apart based on their self-righteousness. Just self-righteous about different theologies, that's all. All they can ever demand from governance is absolute obedience, and all they can ever command of the people who question them is a “shut up”. And worse! Sentencing to death as was done in post revolutionary Iran all their dissenters isn't unimaginable in a country like Pakistan where the gallows are, not just historically, but even in the present as I write this, an instrument of politics. Just witness how all the terrorist killers of Sunni Muslims are being hanged, while the killers of Shia Muslims being given reprieves to soldier on with their divine mission of more indiscriminate Shia killings in Pakistan. Without intolerable oppression upon the Shias, the raison d'être for “revolutionary Islam” does not exist. Which is why this phenomenon is best represented by the rise of new SAVAK in Pakistan, as the Shah's American trained SAVAK was instrumental in creating the raison d'être for Iran's Islamic Revolution.
What an enviable replacement for the superman tyrants who rule the public mind with the same iron-fist of their own theology. Another superman who deems himself beyond reproach, but is made holy because he takes the name of God, the Prophet of Islam, the Imams of the Ahlul-Bayt, the valih-i faqih! The similarity ought not to exist with any of the God's many theologies proclaimed by man. We have plenty of the Übermensch's variety to already contend with. Yet we find that these demagogues fare little better in their absolutism.
One might perhaps be forgiven for thinking that based on the record of their identical behavior, the institutionalization of God is the handiwork of the same superman. His trick from time immemorial has remained to speak for the oppressed and to oppose tyranny. That is guaranteed to draw the future soldiers of God quicker than moth to flame. It is an exact science. Should one warn the moth? Can that ever work? Or should one douse the flame that is about to burn the house down?
If only these heavenly pontiffs so boldly proclaiming a Divine mandate, claiming the moral mantle of the Prophets, claiming to stand up to tyrannical systems, claiming to offer people justice, would begin with the Golden Rule as their first Divine predicate of public stewardship.
How hard can that be?
Only as hard as self-interest!
Allama Jawad Naqvi is invited once again to intelligently respond to the original inquiry letter and the intellectual challenges cited therein:
  • (1) his repeated public celebration of “Sir” Allama Iqbal and avoiding all facts such as he willingly accepted knighthood and other imperial benefits from the tyrannical British empire while it ruled and plundered the Indian subcontinent ;
  • (2) the Doctrine of Taqlid pushed by the Shia theocratic pulpit to extract voluntary servitude from its followers, the examination of which is in the document referenced in the letter ; and
  • (3) the face of “revolutionary Islam” being presented to the world that is maligning all Muslims worldwide as belonging to a polity of “barbarians”, and thus justifying the propaganda warfare in the West by Islamophobes that: “It's Not a Clash of Civilizations, It's a Clash between the Civilized World and Barbarians”, as they motivate their own gullible public to fight these new barbarians in preemptive self-defence before the throw-back to the stone age bring their knives and swords to the West ;
without sending out some new useful idiots to bark at the petitioner.
Otherwise, this rebel Shia scholar of “revolutionary Islam” is really no better than the house nigger Sunni-sufi leader of “moderate Islam”, the champion of “Democracy Revolution”, the glorified stooge of the West, more white than the white man, Dr. Tahir-ul Qadri, who behaved analogously to the public challenge that was thrown to him in 2010 by this scribe for publishing the much celebrated 600 page Fatwa on Terrorism in which the pontiff of “moderate Islam” wrote a blank check to the majestic state terrorism of the emperor, the greatest sponsor of state terror on earth, while condemning the terrorism of the pirates, and neglecting to mention that the pirates are just another army division of the emperor carrying Islam's banner aloft to malign Islam as if it is such a big state secret! The Shia rebel pontiff is more honest and accurate when it comes to parsing current affairs as one can glean from his speeches. But the attitude towards anyone questioning his position is disturbingly similar: to marginalize and dismiss. Tahir-ul Qadri's spokesman was kind enough to label this scribe “nut-job” for the bold challenge to their leader and advised their staff to not respond. Hide behind minions for how long? These are not idle questions but of immediate life and death significance for the people of Pakistan.
The challenge for open interlocution to explain why the Sunni-sufi pontiff remained so brazenly silent on the crimes of the emperor when empire's own citizens boldly file cases in the World Court against their own president for crimes against humanity, is still open to Dr. Qadri.
The challenge to explain his own shameful silence on the knighthood accepted by “Sir” Allama Iqbal from a tyrannical empire while extolling his virtues from the pulpit of Imam Ali, a disgrace and a travesty to the sanctity of the very pulpit and the Imams in whose name all this divine preaching is being done, is still open to Allama Jawad Naqvi. Imagine Imam Ali and the family of the Prophet of Islam taking a knighthood from Muawiya!
In these times of universal deceit, only fools follow. And only the superman lead. A genuine moral agent of change is neither. He is neither a useful idiot for the superman, nor the superman.
The fact that “revolutionary Islam” is creating the perfect trifecta of “militant Islam” vs. “moderate Islam” vs “revolutionary Islam”, the perfect Hegelian Dialectic serving only the imperial interest of having a continuous supply of believable enemies to fight against, a necessity for empire for its “imperial mobilization” toward world government, alongside the neutralization of public resistance with invitation to the more acceptable and peace-loving “moderate Islam”, is a cause for concern for all perceptive people wishing to not live with anyone's boot stamped on their face. The boot is not made any softer if it is worn by a black turban proclaiming some divine mandate to keep it on the public's face. This is but a truism applicable to all absolutist rule. But it is even more true for the obedience to Valih-e-faqih demagoguery that has filled the cemeteries of Iran with her young blood in the name of divine mandate for the “sacred war”. Its export to Pakistan will do the same.
Just listen to the slogan-mongering in the speeches of Jawad Naqvi and “Gott mit uns” (God with us) begins to pale in comparison. It has to be witnessed in the lecture videos so generously made available at the website to appreciate the level of indoctrination and psychological persuasion that is going on to create the future robot army of God. It is no different in any of the other thousand seminaries dotting Pakistan, each indoctrinating their flock with their respective theology.
Pertinent to the demographics of Pakistan, she is a multi-ethnic, multi-sect, multi-lingual country that is hardly even a nation of one people from its very founding in the harvest of indigenous blood. No single ethnicity imposing its theocracy on the rest of the nation can give fairness to everyone. It will only lead to blood-shed, and more blood-shed, not organically, but synthetically. That is what the empire du jour wants: Muslim killing Muslim, people killing their own kind, and they spare no opportunity of harvest. They have vassals and surrogates in the establishment ready to cut that harvest, often not even needing any direct orders to do so. The very nature of the harvest through long years of cultivation has made it semi-autonomous and viral. By themselves they cannot create full all-out blood-shed. They need an enemy that is also willing to die in battle in order to do so.
And there is nothing better or cheaper than the “revolutionary Islam” soldiers, also only too eager to spill their own blood to take-down the “militant Islam” soldiers under orders from their valih-e-faqih and his lieutenants who conveniently stay behind, along with their own children and grandchildren, while the indoctrinated useful idiots on both sides do all the killing and dying.
Iran once again demonstrates the reality of the matter rather empirically. It is not a matter of opinion but of facts and numbers. Numbers are a pretty objective metric of accounting and accountants.
How many children and grandchildren of the revolutionary Ayatollahs in Qom died on the battlefront? How many of his own children and grandchildren did Ayatollah (imam) Khomeini commit to the beheshti-e zahra cemeteries from the battlefront between 1982 and 1988 when the valih-e-faqih-e-muslimeen insisted on continuing the war with Iraq even after all of Iranian soil had been liberated from their original aggression? The vast majority of deaths of Iranian youth was between 1982 and 1988 --- how many of these belonged to the Ayatollahs of Qom and Mashad in the senseless war of self-righteousness that saw millions of Shia-Sunni Muslims trivially kill each other on both sides of the fence?
If death in battle is so cheaply sold for the harvest of lovely maidens and high station of manhood in heaven, why don't the Ayatollahs send their own children and grandchildren to the front? There are hundreds of thousands of Ayatollahs in Qom. A roster showing how many children each one has/had and how many were killed in the minefields on the frontline so courageously walked by the youth of Iran who never got a chance to even grow up to full adulthood, would be useful data for all sides to come to a reasonable understanding of whose blood is being called for in the name of Imam Mahdi!
Only the ostriches will bury their head here, and of course those living comfortably outside of Pakistan and only too willing to fight their “jihad” with other people's blood in the name of their theology.
You don't need Imam Ali's sword to battle the tyrants of the world today. The situation calls for King Solomon's sword to battle them. Unless the two are one and the same sword with two sides. You need the intellect side of “zulfiqar” to even begin to make a dent in this all out war being waged by way of deception upon all of humanity without sacrificing the humanity you are trying to defend.
The first weapon of aggression of empire is superior intellect. Only intellect can counter it. A doctrinaire eco-system which does not nurture the intellect, which does not make one skilled in the intellectual resources that the enemy draws upon to arm its own battalions, can hardly field the skilled warriors who can wield the appropriate sword required for an effective battle. That does not mean giving up one's personal beliefs. It also does not mean having everyone else believe the same thing in order to wage a common resistance against a common predator.
The predators don't care what religion you are, only that you make a tasty meal, or posses what they desire control over. They wish to control all life, all resources, all assets, not just Muslims. The atheist superman harvests religion far more productively to design its life's goals than those whose religion he uses. The man of cloth is putty in their hands. Iran today serves a most valuable role as the fictitious “indomitable” enemy of the West. A third-world country that can't even feed its own peoples, is a threat to them in the actual reality of their calculus of one-world government?
And now that perfect enemy of the West is to be imported into Pakistan? The headstone count in our cemeteries will come to far outstrip the beheshti-zahras of Iran. If you have to lay down your life for a divine cause, at least be sure that you aren't simultaneously a disposable pawn being played on the grand chessboard taking the entire nation and others down with you.
The first recognition of the sword of intellect must be of this fact – that “revolutionary Islam” is a most cunning part of the same diabolical Hegelian Dialectic that has been used in waging all the abhorrent wars of the twentieth century. The creation of a “defeatable” enemy in which both sides suffer, one is resolutely destroyed, and a third unseen power behind the scenes gets to reap the harvest of that blood fest.
We have already witnessed Christians killing Christians, more than 50 million of them, in the two World Wars of the twentieth century. Some have put that number to 100 million. The twenty-first has evidently been earmarked for spilling Muslim blood to continue on with the same agenda, of creating world government by destroying all existing order. The twenty-first century harvest of Muslim blood began a bit early, in Afghanistan in 1979, continued in Iran-Iraq, and is on going in the entire Middle East, South Asia, and engulfs the entire “arc of crisis” in the “global zone of percolating violence”. All presaged in public writings at its very inception in 1979.
Muslims today are in the most precarious position. We hardly need more indoctrinated pawns wielding their antediluvian swords in absolute self-righteousness in further fulfillment of the plans of world order. This cannot mean Muslims, like other peoples and nations, do nothing. It only means to stop being useful idiots in the service of empire. That takes an intellect and an acumen which seems to be in as abundant a quantity as it is varied and multi-disciplinary among the stewards of empire, and a very precious commodity indeed among the Muslims. When we do have the neuronal capabilities and the requisite skills, we tragically turn either into house niggers or superman.
Enough Muslim on Muslim violence!
Irrespective of nationality and religious/sectarian affiliation, all those who share in that aim of existential self-defence must come together against the common enemy of mankind that is aspiring to rule the world upon the foundations of Muslim blood --- or the wily predators will eat each one of us separately, or have us eat each other.
The first baby-step in that direction is to say “hello” to that other fellow over there who thinks different and hear him out without saying “shut up”. Thanks for not saying “shut the fck up” - but then the ideology is not yet in power.

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