Eid Mubarak - The Science of Political Control

How the World Really Works
The financial oligarchy in modernity are the 'king makers' who craft their 'errand boys' to do their private policy bidding behind the facade of elected representatives of the people. The executive, legislative, judiciary, press, and foreign office all implement their base policies in an incestuously self-reinforcing group-think whose championing is rewarded with opportunities to advance, and which never changes despite all the policy squabbles between the Republicans and the Democrats, or the Socialists and the Capitalists, or the Left and the Right, etc.
The insignificant differences in the overarching scheme of things are greatly amplified to portray “change” by the corporate newsmedia which also marches to the tunes played by the Mighty Wurlitzer in the same incestuously self-reinforcing group-think. Which is why the core policies and the core narratives in fact never change with the change in governments of any Western nation, but especially the United States of America.
The most pertinent example of this is the Global War on Terror, the World War IV that is rapidly changing the face of the entire planet towards global governance. From George Bush the Republican to Barack Obama the Democrat, the election platform sold to the public was indeed of “change”.
That base deception upon which a lifetime of warfare has been based, is aided and abetted by other controlled-chaos situations and their supporting narratives, such as global warming blamed on human production, global financial collapse blamed on shortsightedness, global pandemics blamed on nature, and perhaps even global alien invasion in the near future to be blamed on extraterrestrials. All enabling the piece-meal transformation of the planet towards a one-world government.
This is empirical reality which is visible to anyone. But few intellectuals in the world wish to see it, speak of it, or like to hear a spade being called a spade:
Caption Modernity and the fable of the three wise monkeys: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil (image via wikipedia)
Caption Modernity and the fable of the three wise monkeys: hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil
By looking at each local step of any complex process, or each component of any complex system individually, it is impossible to see the big picture and understand its system characteristics in much the same way as even painstakingly examining each atom and the electro-chemical sub-structure of the water molecule still makes it impossible to understand why the water naturally only flows downstream on earth.
The system properties of interest, and the cause-and-effect patterns of behaviors of interest, especially of black-box systems whose inner-workings can only be inferred by observing the manifest response characteristics, easily get lost by isolated focus on individual components.
Often complex systems aren't as straightforward as simply gathering the understanding of each of its components – because many convoluted system properties are represented only in the interaction among components and to the whole system's interaction with its environment.
If the entire system is not known and a component is thought to be the entire system, the system properties are never understood fully or even correctly identified – and consequently the observed behavior is thought to be random, or happenstance, when it is actually incompetence and incomplete knowledge which leads to that characterization and not the science of it.
This is just the basic science of systems, all systems. As true of physics and engineering as of social sciences, which include political science and state-craft, i.e., governance by Machiavelli. And for state-craft of empires, the causal properties (cause and effect) of international events, like domestic events, can often only be determined by stepping back from the individual events and looking at the entire picture for patterns of interconnectivity of events which may span both time and space.
There is obviously as much caution for false positives and false negatives here as in science --- and that only means social scientists have to be at least as skilled in the craft of deciphering global events as the natural scientists and engineers in deciphering nature and engineering large systems where complex interactions among components can defy understanding by any single individual --- for the level of skills and mastery of data needed may transcend even what the smartest brain can muster. In the age of narrow-gauge specialists and superficial generalists, one can see how easy it is to miss the forest for the trees.
Consequently, in order to acutely comprehend the larger interconnection between and among parts, one has to not only understand many parts individually, but also the historical trends (hystersis) and system dynamics in the interconnections among those parts – as these are neither static, nor temporal, but evidently bring a long hysteresis effect to their current state and future direction. What was let loose fifty or a hundred years ago often determines the state of the world today. Should be commonsense, but, as is also the case in imperial scholarship penned for mass consumption, is often ignored in the study of current affairs and history by those outside of it.
Nobel laureate physicist Max Planck expressed this holistic fact of system analysis most aptly:
Modern physics has taught us that the nature of any system cannot be discovered by dividing it into its component parts and studying each part by itself, since such a method often implies the loss of important properties of the system. We must keep our attention fixed on the whole and on the interconnection between the parts.”
What can the Pakistani public do with Pakistan presently diving deeper and deeper into the endless quagmire leaving an endless stream of dead bodies behind, and the upcoming elections promising change?
Two things to begin with.
  • ONE: Perceptively understand the overarching motivation of the super-terrorists in order to come up with proper self-defence

  • TWO: Don't vote in the upcoming elections thinking it will make things better

Eid Mubarak.
Zahir Ebrahim
Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
3rd Shawaal, 1439 AH
Sunday, June 17, 2018 AD

Eid Mubarak - The Science of Political Control and Pakistan Election Illusion By Zahir Ebrahim | Project Humanbeingsfirst.org